FacilisGroup: Your Source for Promotional Product Technology Solutions

Branded products provide companies with an opportunity to reach various stakeholders with their message in an impactful way, increasing brand recognition across multiple stakeholders and channels. To make the most of these marketing tools, entities require a promotional product technology solution that streamlines this entire process.

FacilisGroup, a software-as-a-service company and partner community within the promotional products industry, assists its clients to expand. They offer CRM tools, order management solutions, supply chain and vendor management, e-commerce platforms and professional development training.

What They Offer

FacilisGroup is a management consulting and technology services company dedicated to supporting promotional product distributors and expanding their businesses. Through a fully integrated infrastructure for web-based business automation, software systems that streamline processes and increase productivity, results-driven sales processes, high impact marketing programs, best practice programs, buying leverage opportunities and graphic services provided, FacilisGroup partners realize significantly greater sales with increased profits.

Syncore Software Systems provide CRM/sales management, order processing, invoicing, real-time reporting and white labeled managed product websites with e-commerce solutions for white label managed product websites and white labeled managed product websites managed by Syncore. Professional development training courses, technical support services and frequent software updates ensure its platform remains cost effective and responsive to its distributor community needs.

Their creative and logistics teams work collaboratively to deliver high-impact branded merchandise and hard goods that help companies tell their brand stories effectively. At their account executives offer invaluable assistance during the sourcing and ordering process, such as selecting specific promotional products for each project. They specialize in custom merchandise packaging with matching print collateral that enhances branding while increasing brand awareness.

Order Management

Order management requires many moving pieces that must work seamlessly together for optimal customer experiences, yet this may prove challenging when orders come from multiple sources and teams are handling them at each step. Automated systems can save your team time by handling these processes with accuracy, consistency and speed – thus saving them from time-consuming manual processes that don’t guarantee satisfaction with every order they process.

An automated process reduces human error when it comes to collecting or entering customer orders, freeing your staff members up for other tasks while increasing productivity overall. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies can also help automate workflows and create personalized communications with customers.

Order management software helps businesses organize all orders they receive into clear, manageable tasks for fulfillment. This enables high levels of customer service by meeting delivery schedules on products with accurate tracking information and meeting timeliness expectations for deliveries. Order management software also serves to control supply chains more effectively by eliminating costly errors within operations.


As opposed to conventional retail models, where customers visit physical stores in order to buy products and services, e-commerce allows businesses and customers to connect online for procurements. Businesses may list their products or services on an online catalog that allows potential customers to view them before selecting their preferred one and purchasing through secure transactions. This e-commerce model helps expand businesses reach internationally without incurring additional marketing costs.

FacilisGroup provides business promoters with several technological solutions that streamline and automate their business operations, including Syncore. This cloud-based CRM provides business owners with interaction, customer data and product data for sales and management purposes as well as workflow automation, white labeled managed websites with white label labels and real time reporting for both admins and end users.

The company provides more than an e-commerce platform – its business technology solutions extend far beyond just selling promotional product distributors and an online marketplace platform. They include web-based business automation services, software systems that help streamline processes and increase productivity, results driven sales programs, buying leverage opportunities and graphics services; among others.

Professional Development

FacilisGroup has strengthened its partnership with LiV2, an industry-leading professional development program for promotional products distributors and employees. To provide them with assistance on this path, FacilisGroup has expanded their commitment to it.

Scott Anderson, co-founder of LiV2 has joined FacilisGroup’s team as Director of Professional Development. Together they will introduce an expanded suite of courses for distributor partners later this year (which you can click here to learn more about). Facilis University will offer new courses focused on expanding businesses. In addition, the 2022 Partner Summit and supplier Showcase will include sessions dedicated to professional development, industry knowledge and motivation.

The professional development the company refers to, when saying they can help you, is any learning opportunity designed to advance one’s career. It could involve formal academic coursework or it could take other forms such as self-guided online learning or mentoring relationships between colleagues.

One key to successful professional development is keeping things challenging, which is why having a clearly laid out plan and dedicating enough time to learning is so vital. Setting clear aims and assessment methods so individuals can measure their progress through programs or training is also useful; experiential approaches allow learners to identify with roles outside their own and gain new perspectives.