How To Block Emails On iPhone?

Learning how to block emails on iPhone is essential if you want to get rid of all unwanted emails. Email has become an integral part of our everyday corporate life. But having an inbox full of unknown or spam messages can make you feel frustrated. Calm down! Today, I will help you learn how to block spam emails on iPhone. Email users can easily block irrelevant emails on Apple devices like iPhones and iPad. The process of blocking an email address is straightforward and simple. Without wasting much time, let us now find out how to block emails on iPhone.

How To Block Emails On iPhone?

In this section, I will teach you how to block emails on iPhone in detail. It is possible to block emails on your iPhone via the Mail app. 

Simply follow these steps to learn how to block junk emails on iPhone.

  1. On your iOS device, launch the Mail app.
  2. Scroll down to locate the email from the sender you wish to block.
  3. Now, tap on the sender’s picture.
  4. Then, tap on the sender’s name in the From section.
  5. Next, select the Block this Contact option.
  6. Select this option again in the confirmation window.

You can repeat the same procedure for how to block emails on iPhone and iPad. Once you block the sender, alerts will stop appearing when they send you a new email! But remember that you will still receive emails from the sender. 

You can keep on reading further to know more about how to block emails on iPhone 8.

Block Emails On iPhone Using Settings

Surprisingly, you can stop emails from appearing in the inbox and move them automatically to the trash can. Go along with the following procedure to learn how to block emails on iPhone without opening them.

  1. Begin by opening your iPhone’s Settings app.
  2. Here, scroll down to select the Mail app option.
  3. Navigate to the Threading section.
  4. Over here, choose the Blocked Sender Options section.
  5. Under Actions, select Move to Trash.

Changing the Mail app settings will automatically move these unwanted emails to your Trash folder. When it comes to how to block emails on iPhone 6, you can repeat the same process again.

Let us now check out how to block emails on Gmail on iPhone.

Block Emails On iPhone Using Gmail

Even Gmail app prevents the message from ever reaching the inbox by catching it as soon as it arrives. You can follow these steps to learn how to block emails on Gmail iPhone.

  1. From the iOS App Store, download and launch the Gmail app.
  2. After launching the app, log in to your Gmail account.
  3. Scroll down the inbox to find the email you want to block.
  4. Navigate to the top-right corner of the message to tap the three dots.
  5. From the drop-down menu, select Block (sender).

However, you can use the same method as above to block emails if you’re using Gmail via a desktop browser. Keep on reading to check out how to block emails on iPhone Outlook

Block Emails On iPhone Outlook

Many iOS users get confused when it comes to how to block emails in Outlook. In Outlook, open your inbox and hold down the email from the sender you wish to block. Now, select Junk >> Block Sender.

Block Emails On iPhone Yahoo

You can access the mail-blocking feature for other major email providers like Yahoo! But do you know how to block emails on Yahoo iPhone? For this, tap on Settings in the upper-right corner of your Yahoo Inbox. Then, tap on More Settings >> Security and Privacy >> choose email address >> tap Add.

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How Do I Block Unwanted Email On My iPhone?

To block emails on iPhone, tap on the sender’s name in the Mail app and select Block this Contact. To automatically send blocked emails to trash, change the Blocked Sender Options. The Blocked Sender Options are located in the iPhone Settings app under the Mail heading.

Why Do Blocked Emails Still Come Through iPhone?

If you’ve noticed blocked senders emails still coming through to your Mail inbox on the Mac (or iPhone or iPad), this occurs due to the default inbox settings used by the Mail app. Fortunately, you can fix this in a jiffy and be done with seeing those blocked emails by sending them to the trash automatically instead.

Is It Better To Block Or Delete Spam?

If you receive any unwanted email, the best approach in almost every case is to delete it immediately. It is often clear from the Subject line that a message is junk, so you may not even need to open the message to read it. Some such messages invite you to reply if you want to be removed from their list.

Do Spammers Know When You Block Them?

Does a blocked sender know they are blocked? No, they won’t know if you have blocked them. They won’t receive a notification you have filtered their messages from your inbox. Their emails simply go straight to spam if they try to send you anything.

Can You Block Someone From Emailing You?

On your computer, go to Gmail. Open the message. Click Block [sender]. If you’ve blocked someone by mistake, you can unblock them using the same steps.

Can I Permanently Block An Email Sender?

Whether it’s a spammy ad or an unwanted contact, you can block them from emailing you using Gmail’s built-in settings. Yes, you can permanently block a sender in your Gmail interface, both on the web and mobile.


In the above post, I’ve discussed how to block unwanted emails on iPhone in detail. Apple offers different ways to block spammy mail from appearing in your email inbox. The simplest way to block emails is by using the Apple Mail app. Open the mail app >> select the email >> tap on the user’s name >> tap on Block this Contact. In the iPhone Gmail app, select the mail >> tap on three dots >> select Block (sender). This will immediately add the sender to your blocked list. Once you know how to block emails on iPhone, you can stop unnecessary emails from coming to your mailbox!