How To Block Neighbors Pool Pump Noise?

How To Block Neighbors Pool Pump Noise? If you have a noisy neighbor whose pool pump is disrupting your peace and quiet, you may be wondering how to block out the noise. Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce or eliminate pool pump noise without resorting to legal action.

How To Block Neighbors Pool Pump Noise?

Add Soundproofing Materials

One way to reduce pool pump noise is by adding soundproofing materials to the area around the pump. This can include soundproofing foam, mass-loaded vinyl, or acoustical panels. These materials can absorb sound waves and prevent them from entering your home.

Install A Barrier

Another option is to install a physical barrier between your home and the pool pump. This can be a wall, a fence, or a hedge. The barrier should be tall enough to block out the noise and made of materials that absorb or deflect sound waves.

Plant Trees Or Shrubs

Another natural way to reduce pool pump noise is by planting trees or shrubs in your yard. These can act as a natural sound barrier and absorb sound waves. Choose plants that are dense and tall, such as evergreens or bamboo.

Create White Noise

Creating white noise can help mask pool pump noise and make it less noticeable. You can use a white noise machine, a fan, or a sound app on your phone. These devices produce a constant background noise that can help block out the pool pump noise.

Talk To Your Neighbor

If all else fails, consider talking to your neighbor about the pool pump noise. They may not realize how loud it is or how much it’s affecting you. Be polite and respectful and ask if they can take steps to reduce the noise, such as installing a soundproof cover or scheduling the pump to run during quieter times of the day.

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What Can I Do About My Neighbor’s Noisy Pool Pump?

If your neighbor has created a nuisance on their property, you can either sue for damages or injunctive relief. If a court grants your injunction, your neighbor will be forced to stop using the pool pumps or other property.

How Do You Muffle The Sound Of A Pool Pump?

There are three steps how to reduce pool pump noise:

Step 1: Build an enclosure around your pool pump. Step 2: Make sure your pool pump is on level ground and is on a vibration pad or mount. 

Step 2: Make sure your pool pump is on level ground and is on a vibration pad or mount. 

Step 3: Call a pool pump technician.

How Loud Should A Pool Pump Be?

You should have gotten a figure between 65-90 Decibels; that’s the range of noise level of a typical pool pump.

Is It Normal For A Pool Pump To Be Loud?

This high-pitched screaming noise could simply be a sign that something is caught inside the pump, like in the impeller. Sometimes, the obstruction will clear as the pump works. The sound will go away as things go back to normal. However, this noise can be a sign that the pump’s bearings have worn down too much.

Do Pool Pumps Make A Lot Of Noise?

Pool pumps sometimes make grinding noises. This can sound like stones rattling inside the pump, or it can sound a little like a coffee grinder grinding beans. Again, this sound can be a sign that your baskets need cleaning out. Grinding sounds are often from a lack of water moving through the pump.

Can I Soundproof My Water Pump?

Domestic pumps should be enclosed inside an MDF or plywood box with acoustic insulation material lining the inside to reduce the airborne noise from the pump. Isolate the pump from the floor by placing the pump on top of the high density rubber mats and foam to reduce vibration through the floor.


In conclusion, there are several ways to block out pool pump noise from a noisy neighbor. Adding soundproofing materials, installing a physical barrier, planting trees or shrubs, creating white noise, and talking to your neighbor are all effective solutions to consider. With a little effort and creativity, you can enjoy your home without being disturbed by unwanted noise.


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