How to Ship a Car Across Country When You Move

How to Ship a Car Across Country When You Move

If you’re shipping a car across the country, auto transport costs will depend on several variables.

To get the best rates possible, begin your research and comparison of companies by considering customer reviews, insurance coverage options and open/enclosed transport options.

Next, prepare your vehicle for shipping by reviewing its condition and gathering all required documents. Finally, schedule your shipment well in advance to ensure there is enough room available on a carrier as well as accurate delivery timelines.


Cost to ship a car across the country varies based on various factors, including your chosen shipping options and desired level of service. Some methods may be more costly than others, but there are ways you can cut costs on cross-country auto transport.

One effective approach is booking early; this helps carriers plan routes more efficiently while cutting down costs, which in turn help pass savings along to customers. It may also be worthwhile examining terminal-to-terminal shipping as an alternative – terminal to terminal shipping may often be less expensive.

One way to save when transporting your vehicle is booking off-peak times, as rates tend to be significantly reduced during these times. Summer can be especially busy for cross country car shipping; therefore prices will likely be higher compared with winter. Being flexible with shipping dates will help secure you a better quote from transport services.

As another way of lowering auto shipping costs, open transport may be an economical alternative to enclosed shipping. But be mindful that your vehicle could be exposed to weather and road debris during open transport; you should carefully consider this when making your decision.


Shipping your car across the country might seem like a daunting task, but it is actually much simpler than you may realize. Auto transport services can pick up and deliver it within weeks or days depending on its distance; to schedule pickup/delivery services in a timely manner.

Pricing will depend on factors like season and location.

Selecting an auto transport company carefully is essential to ensure your car will arrive quickly and safely. When searching, look for companies with USDOT numbers and online reviews as well as insurance to cover any damage in transit.

Car shipping companies must conduct an inspection on your vehicle prior to loading it onto their carrier. They will remove any personal belongings from it, disable alarms and lower its gas tank to reduce weight; additionally they may ask that keys remain in ignition in order to assess any existing damages on it.

Before selecting a company to ship your car, carefully assess their rates and services provided. Get multiple quotes to compare costs before making a final decision.


Reputable auto shipping companies take every measure to make sure your car arrives in one piece, but in case something does go wrong it’s essential that they have enough insurance coverage for any damages to your car. You should check both your policy and the transporter for their information regarding insurance.

Furthermore, make sure they have experience shipping across state lines.

Prep your car for transport by clearing away personal items and keeping the gas tank no more than quarter full. Prior to the arrival of a transporter, inspect it with the driver for any pre-existing damage and take photographs; additionally you should keep an extra set of keys with you just in case.

Insurance coverage for car shipping services usually is included within their price, though it’s important to remember that insurance does not protect against natural disasters or “Acts of God,” meaning if these things arise during transporting, they won’t be covered.


When shipping your car across the country, it is imperative that it is secure during its journey.

A reliable car shipping company should offer comprehensive protection for your vehicle during transport; furthermore, you will be able to monitor its journey and receive updates as it moves closer to its final destination. This enables you to make informed decisions regarding your experience when shipping cars across state lines.

When selecting a company, look for one with experience and commitment to customer service. Evaluate their services, prices, customer reviews and insurance policies until you find one that best meets your needs.

Before shipping your car, ensure it has been thoroughly cleaned to avoid odors and damages during transport. Furthermore, this process allows you to document any pre-existing scratches or dents on the vehicle and document any preexisting scratches or dents on its bodywork.

Car shipping can be an extremely complex process, especially if you are shipping it cross-country. From relocation and selling your car in another state to road trippers using classic vehicles – each situation calls for special consideration and preparation; with this guide as your companion you can navigate each situation confidently and ship your car successfully!