What Brand Is Onn TV?

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When it comes to purchasing a new TV, it’s essential to consider various factors such as picture quality, features, and reliability. With numerous brands competing in the market, it can be challenging to decide which one is the right choice for you. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of Onn TVs, shedding light on the brand, its reputation, and the features that set it apart. Let’s explore the Onn TV brand and determine whether it’s the right option for your entertainment needs.

What Brand Is Onn TV?

Onn TV is a brand that offers a range of affordable televisions and related products. It is known for providing budget-friendly options without compromising on quality. Onn is not a traditional TV manufacturer but rather a brand created for Walmart, one of the largest retail corporations in the world. The brand’s goal is to provide customers with affordable yet reliable electronic products, including TVs, tablets, headphones, and more.

Quality And Performance:

While Onn TVs are competitively priced, they offer satisfactory quality and performance within their respective price range. It’s important to note that Onn TVs are designed to cater to the needs of budget-conscious consumers who prioritize affordability. The picture quality and overall performance of Onn TVs may not be on par with premium brands, but they still deliver a decent viewing experience for casual viewers and those on a tight budget.

Features And Technology:

Onn TVs come equipped with a range of features that enhance the viewing experience. Although the specific features may vary depending on the model and size, some common offerings include:

  1. Screen Size And Resolution:

Onn TVs are available in various screen sizes, ranging from smaller options suitable for bedrooms or kitchens to larger sizes for living rooms. The resolution generally includes HD (720p) and Full HD (1080p), ensuring a crisp and detailed picture.

  1. Smart TV Capabilities:

Many Onn TV models come with built-in smart TV capabilities, allowing users to access popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube directly from their televisions. These smart features enhance convenience and provide a seamless entertainment experience.

  1. Connectivity Options:

Onn TVs typically include multiple HDMI ports, USB ports, and audio/video inputs, providing flexibility when connecting external devices such as gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, or soundbars.

Customer Reviews And Reputation:

Understanding the reputation of a brand is crucial when making a purchase decision. While Onn TVs are generally well-received for their affordability, it’s important to consider customer reviews and feedback. Online platforms and review websites can provide valuable insights from other consumers who have purchased and used Onn TVs.

Warranty And Support:

Onn TVs usually come with a manufacturer’s warranty, providing peace of mind in case of any potential defects or issues. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the warranty terms and conditions, as well as the customer support options available in case you encounter any difficulties.


Onn TV, a brand exclusively available at Walmart, offers affordable televisions that cater to budget-conscious consumers. While they may not match the premium quality and features of higher-end brands, Onn TVs provide decent performance and a satisfactory viewing experience. With a range of screen sizes, smart TV capabilities, and connectivity options, Onn TVs offer an affordable option for those seeking a reliable television without breaking the bank.

Before making a purchase, it’s always advisable to read customer reviews, compare features, and consider your specific requirements. Ultimately, the choice of an Onn TV depends on your budget and expectations. Evaluate your needs, assess the available options, and make an informed decision that aligns with your preferences.

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What Type Of TV Is Onn?

onn. Roku TV models all feature the powerfully simple Roku OS built in with a massive selection of free, live, and premium streaming channels. Stream the entertainment you love in HD, UHD, or 4K picture quality.

Does Onn TV Have Good Quality?

Test Results for Walmart Onn TVs

Some models—such as the 75-inch Onn 100044717 and the 65-inch Onn 100071705—earned satisfying picture quality scores, and one—the 50-inch Onn 100071700—actually earned top marks for HD and UHD picture quality.

Is Onn A Walmart Private Brand?

All onn. in Walmart Private Brand Electronics – Walmart.com.

Does Onn TV Have Warranty?

70 Class 4K UHD (2160P) LED Roku Smart TV HDR. All TVs include a 30-day exchange warranty in the price! All Appliances include a 1-year service warranty in the price!


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