What Is A Full Nelson?

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In the world of wrestling, various grappling techniques and holds are employed to gain control over an opponent. One such move that often captures attention is the Full Nelson. It’s a wrestling maneuver known for its distinctive appearance and effectiveness in immobilizing opponents. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of the Full Nelson, its history, execution, and its place within the world of combat sports.

What Is A Full Nelson?

The Full Nelson is a wrestling hold that involves controlling an opponent’s arms and neck, effectively immobilizing them. It is executed by placing both hands on the back of the opponent’s head, with the fingers interlaced, while pushing the head forward and down. The wrestler applying the hold stands behind the opponent, often locking their own hands or wrists together to secure the grip.

History And Evolution:

The origins of the Full Nelson can be traced back to catch wrestling, a historical form of grappling that originated in the 19th century. Catch wrestlers utilized various techniques to gain control over opponents, and the Full Nelson was one such maneuver employed to restrict an opponent’s movement.

Over time, the Full Nelson found its way into professional wrestling, where it became a popular and frequently used hold, often incorporated into dramatic storylines and matches. The move’s dramatic visual appearance and potential for creating suspense made it a favorite among both wrestlers and spectators.

Execution And Variations:

To execute a Full Nelson, a wrestler positions themselves behind their opponent, reaches their arms around the opponent’s upper arms, and clasps their hands together at the back of the opponent’s head. This creates a lock that immobilizes the opponent’s arms and restricts their movement. The wrestler applying the Full Nelson can exert pressure on the opponent’s neck, shoulders, and upper back, causing discomfort and making it challenging for them to escape.

There are variations of the Full Nelson, each with its own unique characteristics. Some common variations include the Double Full Nelson, where two wrestlers simultaneously apply the hold on an opponent, and the Half Nelson, which involves controlling only one of the opponent’s arms while using the other arm to grip the back of their head.

Legal And Safety Considerations:

It is essential to note that while the Full Nelson is a legitimate wrestling hold, its application in professional wrestling is often performed with safety precautions in mind. Wrestlers are highly trained individuals who know how to execute moves safely and minimize the risk of injury. In professional wrestling, the Full Nelson is typically used for entertainment purposes and is not intended to cause harm.

However, in amateur wrestling or combat sports, the Full Nelson may be subject to specific rules and regulations to prevent injury. In some cases, it may be considered an illegal or dangerous hold due to the potential strain it places on the neck and spine. It is crucial to follow the guidelines and regulations established by the respective sports organizations to ensure the safety of all participants.


The Full Nelson is a wrestling hold that has been a part of combat sports for many years. Its effectiveness in immobilizing opponents and its visual impact have contributed to its popularity and use in various wrestling disciplines. Whether seen in professional wrestling matches or utilized in amateur wrestling or other combat sports, the Full Nelson remains a recognizable and intriguing maneuver within the world of grappling and holds a place in the history and evolution of wrestling techniques.

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What Is The Definition Of Full Nelson?

full nelson in American English

noun. a hold in which a wrestler, from behind the opponent, passes each arm under the corresponding arm of the opponent and locks the arms at the fingers or wrists on the back of the opponent’s neck.

What Is Full Nelson Or Half Nelson?

The difference between the Full Nelson and the Half Nelson is that for the Half Nelson hold you’re only using one hand to pin someone’s head, while your other hand controls their wrist. The Full Nelson positions both of your hands against your opponent’s head.

What Does It Mean To Half Nelson Someone?

: a wrestling hold in which one arm is thrust under the corresponding arm of an opponent and the hand placed on the back of the opponent’s neck compare full nelson.

What Defines A Double Nelson?

Double nelson may refer to: A score of 222 runs, or two Nelsons in cricket. Full nelson in wrestling.


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