Why Use A Virtual Phone Number During Registrations?

In today’s world, where digital technologies are penetrating all areas of life, there is an increasing need for convenient and innovative solutions. One of such needs is to ensure privacy and security in the process of online registrations. In this context, a virtual phone number to receive SMS online becomes an indispensable tool that allows users to authenticate themselves on any website or application without having to disclose their real contact details.

In this article, we will look at what this cloud service is and what opportunities it offers in today’s virtual world.


What is it & How to use it?

Virtual number or “temporary phone number” is a service of telephone campaigns or Internet services, which allows you to get a phone number online. Such phone number can be both fully virtual (cloud) and have a physical SIM card connected to the equipment on the provider’s side.

Most often such phone numbers are used for registration on various sites and receiving SMS messages, but some services for a higher cost also provide the ability to receive calls and SMS.

When Virtual Phone Numbers are used?

First of all, they are necessary for registration in various social networks, information platforms, e-mail services and messengers. Also, such numbers can be used to receive personal SMS in order to preserve your anonymity and not to buy a separate SIM card for registrations.

This is very convenient for those who want to preserve their anonymity on the Internet, and also want to secure personal accounts on different sites. The advantage of virtual numbers is that they are valid only during the lease period, that is, after one use this phone number will be deleted and no one will be able to use it. This is monitored by a special web-service program that generates such numbers.

At the same time, users can use the services of the service free of charge for one time or purchase a number for a longer period of time.

Who Should Get a Virtual Phone Number?

Users of a virtual number can be divided into three main groups. Let’s consider each of them:

  • Business. Many companies have their representative offices in different countries of the world, where it is necessary to attract new customers. Using virtual numbers companies can make advertising mailings or launch advertising campaigns.
  • Social networking and online shopping. The number gives the opportunity to create several secure accounts at once, which significantly reduces the likelihood of deception. This method will help you to keep your personal phone secret and avoid unwanted calls or advertising messages.
  • Entertainment. With the help of a virtual number, you can renew prepaid (subscriptions). Thus, you will be able to use absolutely any online service for free several times, each time using a new phone number and extending the free period.


In summary, virtual phone numbers are a powerful tool that rewrites the rules of interaction in the virtual world. Their flexibility, convenience and reliability make them a welcome companion for those who value their digital security and comfort.